JS Blocker 5.1.6 (Full + Crack)

JS Blocker 5.1.6

JS Blocker 5.1.6 is a Safari extension that protects your privacy and keeps you safe on the web by blocking scripts and others from tracking you-similar to NoScript for Firefox.

  • Quickly and easily block advertisers, tracking agencies, and social media networks from monitoring your online activity.
  • Prevent websites from figuring out where you came from.
  • Prevent all scripts on the webpage from being allowed to run.
  • Block frames, AJAX requests, embeds, objects, videos, and hide images.
  • Block many JavaScript annoyances such as alert dialogs getting in the way, forms not autocompleting, windows being resized, and more.
  • Inject user scripts into webpages for even greater control with full Greasemonkey API support.

    What’s New in JS Blocker 5.1.6 :

    Version 5.1.6:

    • Added ability to quickly allow/block all resources; this is a simplified UI mode that hides all items by default and shows two new buttons: Allow All and Block All–this can be enabled from Settings > General > Page View
    • A “Disable” button has been added to each page host header to quickly and temporarily disable JSB on that host
    • When in a private tab, page view will show darkened headers to indicate all actions on that tab are strictly temporary
    • UI updates
    • Clean up settings page by removing some settings
    • Performance improvements
    • Properly update page view when dealing with disabled pages
    • Properly handle long domain names on page view headers
    • Setting a user script’s custom download URL attribute to nothing will no longer cause JSB to ignore the script’s default download URL
    • XHR prompts that originated from a “FormData” data type will now work correctly
    • Improve false-positive canvas fingerprinting warnings
    • No longer reload popover when importing a backup which could cause JSB to continue to operate in an unstable state
    • Show horizontal scrollbar in resource content view

    System Requirements: 

    apple-logo Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 |  10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | 10.12 macOS Sierra

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    JS Blocker 5.1.6