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Spec Ops The Line

Spec Ops The Line Download is a  third-person shooter  video game developed by  Yager Development  and published by  2K Games . The game was released in North America on the  Microsoft Windows ,  Xbox 360  and  PlayStation 3  platforms on June 26, two thousand and twelve and in Europe on June 29, 2012. Officially It was announced at  Spike Video Game Awards  on December 12, 2009. Although in the  Spec Ops  series,  The Line  does not take any story elements from previous titles. The game follows Captain Martin Walker (voiced by  Nolan North ) as he is sent into a post-Catastrophe  Dubai  with an elite  Delta Force  team to hunt for a decorated officer named Colonel Konrad (voiced by  Bruce Boxleitner ), as well as Evacuate any survivors . While lead writer Walt Williams has stated that there are many Influences that have gone into the plot, the premise is inspired by  Joseph Conrad ‘s novella  Heart of Darkness . Critics have observed multiple positively similarities to  Apocalypse Now  in the game’s feel and the way that there is no glory in war Expresses it.

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